JUNK from Gabriel Davison on Vimeo.

J U N K is an interactive art installation that was conceived by me and my friends Joe Mills and Tom Lavin at the beginning of 2017. We spent several weeks gathering the necessary materials from Deptford Market and from the streets around our homes. The installation was exhibited at Goldsmiths on the 20th of March.

The audience were encouraged to pick up one of the specially designed 'circuit sniffing' microphones that I built as part of the installation and feel their way around the pile of obsolete electronics. These microphones can pick up signals that are usually inaudible to the human ear and play them back over the 4 channel speaker system we installed.

We wanted to explore themes of obsolescence, overconsumption and reliance on technology. These days people know less and less about how the technology they use on a daily basis works and yet these devices are becoming more essential to everyday life.

You can download the flyer we released with it here.